Untitled (part three)

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She looked at each of us in turn, before speaking again.  “It has been my desire to come to you for a long while,” she said softly.  “But, it was not yet the time.  You were not ready.”


We looked at one another, frowning.  Finally, I posed our query.  “We are the same as we’ve always been.”


“Indeed,” she answered, smiling.  “But you are no longer the same as you will always be.”  She gave an understanding nod and explained, “You now understand your need of me, and of the sustinence which comes through my efforts.  You now accept that what I offer is not one of many options available to you; but rather, the only option.”


She met each pair of searching eyes and continued, “Some of you have tried to fill yourselves from the tables of others, but you were left unsatisfied.”  Many looked away, ashamed and yet uncertain as to why they might be so, and she sighed.  “The knowledge of your own helplessness is unnerving, I realize.  But it should also serve as a source of great relief.”


“Why?” I asked, completely enthralled.


“Just as you are helpless to this drawing you feel–to myself and my deliverance–so too are you empowered by it.  If you accept what I offer without compromise, then I promise to supply you with continued measure regardless of your failings; regardless of your doubts; regardless of your finiteness.”


I shook my head in mild wonder.  “Again I must ask why.  Why would you, who seems to lack nothing, be concerned for us?”


She gazed upon me with an intensity that left me feeling pleasantly exposed.  All the shame and shadows within me were there for her to see, and she still obviously held regard for my very soul.  I was humbled and transcended, and I sensed her answer before it was spoken.


“I have always been,” she replied.  “And yet, this is why I am.”


“I don’t understand.”


“Of course you don’t.  But in time, you will.  And when that moment comes, more questions will flood you, and your thirst for answers will mingle with the certainty that the answers are there.”  She looked at each of us again, as if seeing everything we had ever been and ever may be.  “And, when my father is ready, I will bring you into his presence.”


“Your father?  He knows you’re here?”


She laughed a delightful, easy laugh, and nodded.  “It was my father who sent me to you.”


Another of our group spoke.  “Isn’t he worried that you could suffer injury by leaving your fortress?”


Her eyes dimmed, but only for a moment.  “He knows the cost, as do I.  And your rescue demands not only the risk of presumed failure, but the acceptance of it.”


“You mean…you’re accepting failure, by coming here?”


She shook her head and stood.  “I didn’t say I was accepting failure.  I said I was accepting presumed failure.”


I looked to the rest of our group before standing as well.  “We don’t understand.”


“You will.”  She looked toward the fortress, as if imparting a silent goodbye, and turned back to them, again.  “Please show me where I may lay my head.”


The collective gasp was audible, and the shuffling of fidgeting bodies obvious.  “We don’t really have accomodations befitting a person of royalty.”


“I did not come to be waited upon,” she admonished.  “I came to live among you, and to serve you.”  She swept the lot of us, and her eyes fastened upon mine.  “I shall sleep in the refuse heap which you call home,” she declared.  Upon my expression of fear and intense humiliation, she laughed again; sweetly.  “I already know all about you.  There is nothing about yourself which can be hidden from me.”


I wanted to argue; to tell her that there were places much less reviling than my residence.  I wanted to point out that it was dank and chilly at night, and hot and putrid during the day.  I wanted to find somewhere–anywhere–more befitting someone of her standing; even if only slightly more befitting.  And yet, as these arguments played through my mind, I sensed that my words were unnecessary.  I sensed that she already had knowledge of all of these facts and more.  I sensed that my world–my pathetic existence which had already changed so much since first seeing her–was about to be transformed even more.  It was as if I could sense…salvation.









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