Touch Down!

I recently took advantage of a most incredible opportunity to sit under the teaching of Dr. Jerry Vines.  Many know him as the pastor of football player Tim Tebow, during the days when Tebow was a Florida Gator.  Dr. Vines has been a preacher of God’s Word for fifty years, and he visited the campus of Boston Baptist College to address the topic of “teaching the Bible.” 


In a room filled to capacity, Dr. Vines made his suggestions and insights accessible to all vocations: pastors, teachers, lay ministers…  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am thrilled for the student body, as well.  What a privilege to listen to a man who has invested his life in service to God, and who still glorifies the God of his salvation as fervently as he did in the first years of his salvation.


The notion actually gave me pause: as fervently as he did in the first years of his salvation. 


Often, I find myself slacking in my dedication to the Truths I claim.  Sometimes, I am like the Israelites of the Exodus, finding myself yearning for the days of captivity.  Sadly, there are days when I am there, back in Egypt, as if I’d never been rescued at all.


My point is a simple one, today.  God is God, and He deserves more than an occasional nod of recognition.  Dr. Vines, with his simple approach to espousing on the Scriptures, has taught me even more with his life.  I want to finish as I began this walk with my Savior.  I want it to be evident to everyone around me that I love the triune God now every bit as much as I did when I first discovered Him; more.

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