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Wow!  It’s been nearly nine months since the release of The Crimson Purpose.  And, it’s been crazy busy!  To date, I’m well ahead of projections in terms of sales, but I have a long way to go before I can offer the second installment of the series, entitled, The Calling of Casey Evand. 


Sometimes, I find myself wondering whether it’ll really happen; whether my book will hit the sales numbers it needs to hit.  But, when I find myself at the edge of discouragement, another reader will send me a private message.  A few of you have even sent mail to me at the college where my husband serves on staff.  I can’t tell you how much your exhortations have meant to me!


One of my readers–a woman whom I have only met once, as she was purchasing a few copies of my book–wrote to me, and told me that she is an avid reader, and she has found my book to be among the top she’s ever read.  At the time of her letter, she had already given away nine copies of the book, including one copy which is circulating among her church’s congregation.  She expressed eagerness to read the next book, and encouraged me to stick with it.  Her words were humbling, and gratifying, and my heart is blessed at the opportunity to give God the glory for the impact the book has made in her life.


Another woman contacted me after reading the book, telling me how much it has meant to her to have some struggles she’d gone through in her own life articulated–given voice.  She went on to tell me that she has even given a copy of the book to her counselor, so that things she could never before fully explain might be better understood.  Again, so humbling, and so wonderful!


Finally, another lady–a woman I met through a mutual friend–decided to read my book while waiting at the airport for her departure.  So involved was she in the storyline, that she missed her flight!  I laughed when she told me, and, although I was sorry that she had to sit several more hours in the airport, I was thrilled that my book held her attention.


These are but a handful of the correspondences I have received.  In future updates, I may refer to more of them.  It’s important to me that you, my readers, know how much your support has meant–and continues to mean–to me.  I pray for my audience daily, and I pray that my book will continue to impact lives in a positive way.  God has been so good to me, and He has used many of you to bless me beyond imagination!  Thank you!

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