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During this rather intense political season, I’m finding one thing increasingly alarming.  We, as a blessed and wonderfully free nation, have become lazy in our enjoyment of that freedom.  It seems that thinking through things critically is no longer a natural inclination.  Rather, it seems as if there are many people who are content to allow others to do the thinking for them.  This is not to suggest that the population as a whole is without the ability to rationalize, or even that American society lacks intelligence.  But, when it comes to discerning for oneself what is true or even plausible, many don’t seem to want to invest the effort.


I’m not making this argument so that I might put forth my own viewpoints regarding the upcoming elections.  Rather, I’m simply stating my dismay.  Also, I’m imploring our citizens to use their individual minds–wholly and fully and independently. 


I realize, of course, that the majority of the people following this blog don’t fall into the aforementioned category, for readers are often thinkers; and faith-based readers even more so.  That said, I would venture to guess that all of us know more than one “someone” who is blindly accepting whatever latest spin we are fed by the media; who believe that, if someone on television says it, then it must be true.  I have to reiterate: this trend is nothing short of alarming.


I love this country, and it saddens me to see how readily we as a nation are allowing our rights to be infringed upon.  And so, I feel compelled to suggest to anyone who would read this that we must embrace the task of exhorting our friends and family members to listen–really listen–to the bias coming from many of our media outlets.  We must encourage our fellow citizens to rationally consider the information flowing from multiple sources.  We must admonish Americans to embrace our freedoms–our right and duty to question the things which should be questioned, to challenge the things which need to be challenged, and to defend the things which demand defending.  


Thanks for bearing with me as I “purge” this frustration, and may God continue to bless America!!



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