We all have preferences and passions.  We all have callings in addition to the purpose outlined for every believer–the purpose of glorifying God and reaching souls with the Truth of the saving power of Jesus Christ.


For me, I believe my second most important calling (second to the aforementioned purpose shared with every believer) is to be a godly wife and mother.  This is no small calling, as I have learned.  Nor it is an easy calling.  But, it is my calling.


Which brings me to my third calling.  Obviously I’m speaking in rather generic terms, for, as a lover of words, I could make this list quite extensive.  But, so that I might get my intentions across, I am making an effort at speaking concisely.  My third calling is to write.


I’ve received a lot of encouragement along the way, but I’ll admit that there are days when I wonder whether my efforts are worth it.  After all, I haven’t yet reached tens of thousands of readers as I had dreamed I would.  I haven’t yet made any “top tens.”  At this point, I’d be largely encouraged by a “top hundred.”  Some days…


But then, God will remind me–whether gently or rather harshly–that my ways are not His ways.  He has placed the passion to write for His glory within my heart.  He has given me this passion; this calling.  My responsibility is not to track the numbers.  My responsibility is to respond to His calling.


And when my perspective is a little better, God invariably reminds me of those who have read my book, and who have been encouraged or ministered to as a result of reading it.  God reminds me that it isn’t really about me at all.  It’s about Him.


And so it is with this in mind that I share a prayer request.  The second installment of the series is currently being considered for publication.  Will you please join me in praying that, if God wills it, then this company will offer a fair contract regarding this endeavor?  If God has something else in mind, then pray that I might discern it in faith, and press on.  And finally, please pray that this series will reach those whom it needs to reach, regardless of how many or how few that may be.




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