The More Grateful I Am…

It’s that season, again–when we intentionally focus on being thankful for things and giving gifts as outward expressions of love.  It’s a wonderful time steeped in sweet intentions and warm hearts.  It’s a time when we purpose to reflect upon our own lives, and we determine to remember just how blessed we are.


But why only for a season?


I have a quote upon the wall of my home’s breakfast nook–author unknown–which states, “The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful.”


I love that we dedicate a season to thankfulness and giving and celebrating God, the birth of Jesus Christ, and the blessings we enjoy as a result of knowing Christ as savior.  I love that even those who cannot yet claim such a relationship still feel drawn to the spirit of thankfulness and lovingkindness.  It’s a beautiful thing.


And yet, how much more enriched might our lives be if we purposed to be thankful all year long? How much more fulfilling might they be if we remembered that the celebration of Christmas–which is, essentially, the acknowledgment of the identity of Jesus Christ as God Himself being crammed into the tiny shell of a human baby so that He might live and dwell among us so as to eventually fulfill our need for a Savior?  How much more might we be humbled and awestruck by the mighty love of our Redeemer if we embraced it every day of the year?


It’s just a thought…


Have a wonderful 2015 Thanksgiving and Christmas season, and may it carry through to Christmas 2016!

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