Spring is Sprung!

I’ve been so ready to feel spring in earnest!

It’s been a rather long winter–beautiful, but long.  I love each season in moderation, and I love watching a gorgeous snowfall.  But now, it’s time to listen to the chirping of baby birds, breathe in the scents (and pollens), and gaze upon all the vibrant colors of creation.  It’s time for rebirth. 

And with springtime comes one of my favorite holidays. The believer’s celebration of the risen Savior.  The believer’s Easter.

The little girls will don their pretty pastels and white patent leather shoes.  The young boys will fidget in their uncomfortable buttoned up collars.  And throngs of people who haven’t given the Savior of the world a second thought all year long, will grace the aisles of churches all over the world.  God’s Word will be preached, and souls will be saved.

And so this short blog is the proffering of a challenge.  I’d like to encourage all my friends out there to begin praying now for your pastors and music leaders.  Pray for your Sunday School teachers, nursery workers, and  fellow church members.  Pray for yourself. 

And most importantly, begin praying now for all those people who will come to your church, and churches everywhere.  Pray that, even now, their hearts will begin to soften toward the things of God.  Pray that any and all competing distractions will be decidely removed from the equation–that Satan will be silenced as the world bears witness to something it may not quite understand, but senses as somehow important.

Pray for the message of the risen Savior to be embraced by people of a fallen world.



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