…Bring May Flowers!!!

Well, this weekend will mark the end of the conceptual editing phase for my book, and my oh my, so much has happened!

The book is about 10,000 words shorter, but structured so much better, than it was before!  It ends at a much more satisfactory point, offering a conclusion which allows the book to stand alone, while hopefully offering enough of a tease to bring fans back for the second installment in the series later.  I’m excited, and so impressed with Liz McLane at Tate Publishing.  What a pro!

The hardest part in this last round of revisions was giving up my coveted title for the book, as well as for the series.  It almost felt like surgery, it was such a part of me.  But, I have such confidence in the team assigned to guide me in this endeavor, that I took the leap.  And, I must admit, the new title, The Calling of Casey Evand: The Crimson Purpose, is growing on me.  

Next comes the layout phase of production, I believe.  I’ll keep you posted!

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