The Collision of Comfort and Calling

Not too long ago, I had the privilege of meeting and conversing briefly with June Hunt–a renowned author, public speaker, and radio personality.  Wanting to make the most of such a rare opportunity, I decided to redeem my time with her by posing a rather provoking question.  As a writer myself–though at a much more humble level–I was curious to know whether she considers writing to be her passion.  Her calling.  Her genre is much more academic than mine, and her speaking occasions incorporate the same concepts and insights as do her books.  So, I was wondering whether she saw both outlets as equal, or whether one gave her greater joy than the other.

She, a sweet and witty personality, gave me a big smile.  I could see that she loved the query.  Her answer was almost immediate.  She told me that she much prefers speaking, and that writing, for her, is a necessary extension of her speaking opportunities.  She knew there was a need for a written form of her message.  Her teaching.  And that was that.

Her answer surprised me at first.  For I am a woman who would rather keep a low profile and sort of work behind the scenes, except for when I write.  When I write, it’s as if an otherwise dormant part of me is suddenly awakened.  Alive.  I love the world of imagination, for it fuels the senses.  It feeds critical thinking and application to real-life situations.

That’s when it hit me.  This dear woman was extending herself beyond her comfort zone not because she enjoyed it.  But rather, so that more lives might be touched by the things God had given her to share.

How humbling.  How intriguing.  How intimidating and convicting!

If you’ve been keeping up with this journey I’ve been on–that of seeing my first novel through the stages of publication–then you know how ill-prepared I feel for what is coming.  I love the editing and rewriting and talks with the wonderful people at Tate Publishing, but how I dread the author signings and self-promotion endeavors which are on the horizon!  I know that there will not be lines at the tables where I’ll be sitting and waiting to converse with potential readers.  I’m too much of a realist to believe that an unknown author promoting her first work will command much attention, and yet, it frightens me just the same.

I cannot let myself dwell too long on such things, for I become physically ill when I do so.  It’s that difficult for me!  And yet, when I think of that kind woman–a woman who’s been writing for years upon years–I know that, with God, all things are possible.  The words in her books come across as effortless.  But now I know that the reason is not because she gets a warm fuzzy feeling upon penning them.  Rather, it’s because she’s following God’s leading.  Simply obeying.



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