Sick of Spam

I find it amazing that with all the technology afforded us these days, I am not able to block the twenty or more spammers a day who “comment” on my blogs.  Instead, I set aside time each day to sift through their rhetoric, labeling them as “spam”–which apparently has no real effect except to provide for me a glimmer of satisfaction–and trying to focus on the comments which are meant only to be responses or encouragements.

It’s frustrating, to be certain, but I suppose it is a commentary on humanity.  After all, ours is not the first generation to discover that there are those who would prey upon the efforts of others, determined to sell their wares at no real investment to themselves.  What I cannot understand, however, is why it is done so perpetually.  I get that they are vying for a chance to post their products or profanities on the websites of unsuspecting bloggers, but to what end?  I mean, I’ve never spoken to anyone who claimed that they followed up on a spam-mail they read, and are better for it.  On the other hand, such attempts to hijack are nearly always met with negativity.  So, why do it?

I’m sure I must be missing something, here.  I’m sure there must be something more that is gained from such efforts.  But when I try to analyze the possibilities, I cannot help but think that it boils down to this.  Whatever the reason, if there is a reason at all, it seems to me a little…well, sinister.  Creepy.

I wonder how many spam-messages I’ll receive with this article….

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