With Thanksgiving behind us, and Christmas just around the corner, it’s normally the time when I become somewhat distracted; overwhelmed with all the shopping and baking and shopping and cleaning and shopping and decorating and more shopping….  But this year, God has done something wonderful for us.  He has removed our opportunity for added busyness.

We’ve had tight Christmasses before–who hasn’t?  But this year, it seems that things are beyond tight; beyond a mere stretch of imaginative budgeting.  This year, there is simply no extra cash.  And guess what?  I feel closer to my Lord than ever.  I feel less anxiety about purchasing the “perfect” gift than I ever did in the past.  And as a result, I’m finding that, at the most opportune moments, I’m supplied with ways to get gifts for the kids and loved ones.  The money still isn’t there, and yet it is. 

I’m reminded of the feeding of the masses with five loaves and two fishes.  You know the account.  Jesus blesses the boy’s meager offering, and feeds thousands.  And guess what?  There are leftovers! 

No, we won’t have those extra little gadgets and toys which will be broken or misplaced by springtime.  No, we won’t have the latest technological advancements under the tree.  But, thank God, we have been reminded what this holiday is really about.  God, in his mercy, has called us to attentiveness once again.

And because of that, I think this is shaping up to be my family’s best Christmas ever!!

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