National Release!

It’s been quite a process, and it’s not over!  Now that the book is finished and has been circulating among a limited audience by way of pre-release sales, it’s time for the next step!  The book is now available through multiple vendors and outlets!  I’m so excited!  

While I understand that it will likely not be stocked on the shelves in the most well-known bookstores–at least not at this stage, as I’m new to the market–I’m thrilled that they will nonetheless offer the book.  The possible added exposure to my audience is such a blessing to me!  The most intimidating part of this adventure is on the horizon, however, as the book signings are being negotiated and scheduled!

For those of you who have read and enjoyed The Crimson Purpose, this first installment of The Calling of Casey Evand series, please tell your friends!  The sooner this one takes off, the sooner I’ll be afforded the opportunity to offer the second book!

God Bless!

(Here’s the Tate Publishing link, although the book can now be found via most of the major bookstores and online venues!)

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