I’m Still Here!!!

Hello, Friends! Just sending you a quick update… The second installment of my “The Calling of Casey Evand” series has been accepted for publication by Ambassador International, along with a re-publishing of the first installment! Yay!


I hope to have more to share, very soon! Thanks for the notes of encouragement, and thanks for your patience! Lord willing, I’ll have the second book available by the end of 2017!!


God Bless!!!


I’m so excited to share with you regarding my summer promo!!  I’m giving away five free books during the month of July!!


If you’re interested in signing up for your chance for a free hardcopy edition of The Crimson Purpose, click on the Goodreads link on the right side of this page!  It’ll take you to my author site on Goodreads.  Scroll down until you see information about the giveaway, and sign up!!  If you don’t have a Goodreads account, it’s free to enroll, and it’s a great site for learning about books in your preferred genre!  It could be a win-win!!


In my last “news” note, I shared with you a little about my daughter’s involvement in the cause to see Justina Pelletier returned to the custody of her parents.  Finally, after sixteen long months in state custody, and after suffering extensively as a result of inadequate and inappropriate “care,” Justina is back with her family, and she is once again under the care of her original doctors.  Praise God!!  She has a long road ahead of her, but, with God, all things are possible.


For those of you who have been praying for Justina, please continue lifting her, and her family, up to the Lord.  For those of you who are just learning of this atrocity and violation of parental and basic human rights, please join us as we continue to pray.  Pray that Justina’s body will heal enough to allow her to walk again.  Pray that her physicians will be able to reverse the damage done to her by the neglect and mistreatment of the state.  Pray that she will heal psychologically, as much of her mistreatment has been emotional.  And mostly, pray that God will use this senseless injustice to His glory, as only He can do.  Pray that an exploration of the misuse of power may shed light upon any other children in similar situations.  Just… pray.  God Bless!

Highlighting a Cause

This update is a bit of a deviation from my usual book-related entries. Instead, I want to share with you a cause which my daughter, Rachel, has taken on.


If you’re not yet familiar with the Justina Pelletier case, you need to do a little research. It involves a young lady, Justina, who has been taken into state custody because her parents prefer the medical diagnosis of another Boston area hospital over Boston Children’s. That’s it, in a nutshell. Here, in the United States of America, Justina’s civil rights have been stripped from her because of an apparent eruption of pride.


Do the research and form your own opinion. For whatever reason, most of Boston’s local news agencies seem afraid to report on this story, and so you’ll have to look primarily at the Boston Globe’s coverage, and then at some of the national news agencies, such as Fox News Channel. If, after researching, you come to the same conclusion as I, then I hope you’ll join my daughter’s movement to “highlight” this issue. For now, we are wearing our neon yellow every Friday to bring attention to this case. It’s a blindingly bright color, so you’ll likely be asked why you’re wearing it (especially if several others around you are wearing it as well). Share with them this story, and invite them to investigate for themselves, just as you have done.


It’s my daughter’s hope–and my hope as well–that we will be able to draw ever more attention to this horrific civil rights violation. Moreover, it’s our hope that Justina’s life might be saved as a result of this type of peaceful pressure by fellow Americans.


For those of you who are believers, please devote yourselves to prayer for the Pelletiers–especially on these Fridays. Thank you for your participation in this very important cause!

It Is What It Is…

Well, the results are in, and my book, The Crimson Purpose, which was a finalist in the “Dante Rosetti’s Best in New Young Adult Fiction,” did not win the number one spot.  Sigh…


I was disappointed, but I had to smile when I discovered that the winner in my book’s category, Christian Fiction, is a book about a young woman who bravely faces an alien invasion.  There were other categories which, in my mind, seem to fit this type of story better, but it nonetheless won in the Christian Fiction category, and so I’m sure it must be a fascinating read.  Congratulations to the winner, and to the winners in all the categories highlighted!


Thank you to everyone out there who encouraged me during the wait, and I look forward to sharing further news regarding the series very soon!


God Bless!



Hello, friends!


I just wanted to share a piece of exciting information–I was recently named a finalist in the Chanticleer Book Reviews’ Dante Rossetti “Best in New Young Adult Fiction” with my book, The Crimson Purpose!!  This means that of all the books reviewed by literary agents and publishers (the judges), mine is among those which has passed three rounds of eliminations!  The results of the finals rounds will be announced at the end of February!


God is so good!  This is a huge accomplishment for a new author, and it’s my humble privilege to share this news with you!  Thank you for your encouragement along the way!  I’ll keep you posted!

Discussion Guide

Some of you have requested it, so here it is!  (If you haven’t yet read the book, don’t read these questions until you have done so.  Consider this your “spoiler alert!”)


For small groups, book clubs, or personal consideration, please feel free to draw from this list of questions as you discuss or reflect on truths and lessons in The Crimson Purpose as they may apply to you or your circumstances.  As always, I appreciate any feedback, so if you have any recommendations regarding amendments or additional questions, let me know!  God bless!



1.  At the beginning of the book, Dan and Casey seem like a fairly typical teenage dating couple. If you were in Casey’s place, do you believe you would have discerned Dan’s true character early on? What obstacles or forms of bondage prevented Casey from doing so?       


2.  Professor Ponde is a “devout atheist.”  Such is the claim of many in higher levels of academia. How did Casey refute the professor’s admonitions and dismissive mindset?  Was Casey especially eloquent in her rebuttals, or would there need to be a higher element at work in order to stir consideration of God?  Of course this story is a work of fiction, but can you imagine it happening in real life?  If so, how much of being a witness—a light—is contingent upon our abilities, and how much depends upon mere willingness to be used. As a follow-up, does God’s sovereignty negate a responsibility on our part to be ready to be vessel?  


3.  There were several moments in the story when it seemed that Casey had truly repented of her handling of things regarding her relationship with Dan, only to find that she was succumbing to those same types of bondage a few pages later.  Did this make Casey unusually pathetic as a character, or did it make her more real and easier with whom to identify?  Do you ever find yourself being reminded of the same biblical truths over and over again, before you truly begin to embrace those truths?


4.  Christian guilt is a very real form of bondage.  Many believers are so afraid of projecting a lack of forgiveness and understanding that they misapply God’s admonitions regarding those same attributes.  Can you think of or find any verses or passages of Scripture which address this issue?  What do you think is the correct response to a person who has sinned against you and asked forgiveness?  And, does this response necessitate that you turn a blind eye to existing or possible implications?


5.  Garrett is a young and wealthy single man embarking upon a promising career. He seems to have everything going for him, and yet he is bereft of peace.  He feels somehow abandoned by his step-father’s side of the family, and the emptiness adds to the already existent void in his life.  Have you ever been at a place in your life when you, like Garrett, relied on your own efforts to fill that void?  If you are a believer, what triggered the change for you?  If you are not a believer, can you currently identify with Garrett and his efforts?


6.  Jacklyn is a young woman who wants everything her way, and wants no convicting souls around her to mar her plans.  She comes across as selfish at times, but is she really any different than many of us when it comes to wanting to avoid conviction?  She doesn’t know Christ, so is it any wonder that any drawings toward Christ would be met with resistance, especially considering that things are going so well for her, overall?  How can we as believers reach the Jacklyns of our world?


7.  Walter and Pearl Rivadell are prayer warriors.  What lessons can we learn from them?  What lessons can we learn from older saints in our congregations?


8.  Zeke is the friend Casey needs at a critical time in her life, but, for a long time, Zeke is not a believer.  Can God use unbelievers to minister to His children?  Have you ever seen this happen?  And, if so, did the circumstance, in turn, serve to witness to or draw the unbeliever to a consideration of Christ?  What does this teach us about God’s sovereignty?


9.  When Casey is being assaulted in the cave, she feels helpless and frightened, but she also feels ashamed and guilty.  She determines to keep Dan’s treatment of her a closely guarded secret, certain that everything will work out in time.  This feeling of self-blame is a common one among victims of abuse.  Have you ever felt guilt for something which was not your fault?  Have you given that false guilt to God and allowed Him to heal you as only He can?  If you are currently living under this kind of bondage, please understand that your circumstances are not your fault, and there is no shame in seeking help.  Find a trusted minister, friend, or agency, and begin the journey to physical and spiritual healing.  If the offender is a loved one, then initiate their journey toward possible rehabilitation.  It will not be an easy step, but it is a vital one. If your situation happened in your past and you are still dealing with the repercussions, know that through God true healing can be found.  There are Christian counselors and ministers available to facilitate your recovery.


10.  The soon to be doctor, Glenn Gracyn, feels helpless in his efforts to get through to Casey.  Have you ever sensed that your efforts in reaching out to another were in vain?  Have you ever wondered whether God would truly use and answer your prayers?  Did you need proof of His answering of your petitions, or was it enough to simply believe that He heard?  Do you suppose that Glenn forgot all about Casey and her struggles the moment she left his care, or do you imagine that she became a part of his prayer life?  If you were in Glenn’s shoes, how would you have behaved?


11.  John and Lorraine love their daughters very much.  Their eldest daughter, Julie, is a single mother as a result of defying God’s boundaries regarding sexual purity, but is now living as a growing believer. Casey seems to be struggling with some intensely personal issues, but she too is a believer.  What lessons can we take from John and Lorraine’s lives; from their responses to their daughters’ failings; from their possible consideration that maybe, just maybe, they’ve missed something along the way—something which led to their daughters’ poor choices or struggles?  What promises can we glean from exposure to the lives of this fictitious family?  Can you identify with any of these family members?


12.  Casey had a church home both in Missouri and in Massachusetts.  How important is it to be a part of a well-grounded church?  Why or why not?  What does God say about this issue?


13.  Dan is confronted time and again with choices, and he consistently chooses that which be believes best serves himself and is rebellious toward God.  Is there any hope for such a person?  Is Casey wrong to hope for Dan’s repentance?


14.  The book ends with a realization by Casey that God does not want Dan to be a part of her future.  She also realizes the importance of pure forgiveness.  Given Casey’s history, do you believe that, if she were a real person, the struggles are over?  Why or why not?  In your life, do you feel that you are exactly where God wants you to be, or is God is constantly working to perfect you through trials and exposure of impurities?  If it is the latter, is the process something of which to be ashamed, or something to celebrate?  If Casey has indeed been freed from false Christian guilt and bondage resulting from emotional and physical abuse, then is it possible that other forms of bondage will eventually show themselves?  If so, is this judgment or mercy?  


15.  The book begins with Romans 8:28, which says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”  What does this verse mean to you?  Was your understanding of this verse expanded as a result of reading this book?  If so, in what ways?  Is God truly able to work all things—even the most painful parts—together for the good of His children?  Is anything wasted with God?








To recap, this past book signing was a lot of fun!  Jeancarlos, at Radiocoffeehouse in Milton, MA, was fantastic!  And, he gave me a lot of great suggestions for future signings!


Well, it’s been a great winter and spring, and I’m thrilled to report that, upon last report, my publisher has sold an average of twenty books per month since the title’s release date.  That may not seem like a lot, by most standards, but, for me–a new and unknown author–it’s thrilling!  The Crimson Purpose still has a ways to go, but I’m still hearing from readers regularly.  And, so far, all of the feedback has been positive!


Many readers have even told me that they are using the book as a counseling tool!  The book wasn’t written with this end in mind, but I love the way our God works!  This ficticious story of a young woman who is breaking free of the bondage of false guilt and an abusive relationship is being used to minister to young women who may be dealing with similar realities.  Praise God!


Also, for those of you who have been so committed to praying for me and the success of this series (The Calling of Casey Evand series), I have some exciting news.  There have been inquiries from a couple of publishers regarding the second installment of the series!  No contracts officially on the table as yet, but the interest is very encouraging.  Please pray with me regarding this!  Thank you!





Another Book Signing!!

Great news!


I have another book signing scheduled for April 6, 2013!


It will be hosted by  Radio Coffeehouse in Milton, Massachusetts (24 Central Avenue, 02186), from 1-3pm.


If you can, I’d love for you to join me for the signing!  Even if you already own a copy of the book, come, have a frappe, and chat with me for awhile!


Also, if you know of any other venues which may be willing to host a signing, drop me a private message.  I’ll pass the possibilities on to my marketing representative!  Thanks so much!


God Bless!


Thank You!

It was another great book signing!  Thank you to the venue, and to everyone who has been so supportive of me in this endeavor!  The signing, held at Bean & Cream Cafe here at the edge of Boston, lasted for two hours, and I was blessed with guests with whom I could visit for the entire duration!  It was so much fun!


I also want to thank you for all the encouraging comments since this website was opened–over a thousand, so far!  Many of them are private, containing heart-touching testimonials of how this book has affected you.  Several are simply notes letting me know that you’re praying.  Additionally, many of you have sent me letters of encouragement.  For all of it, I feel humbled and blessed!


Many of you have been asking how long it might be until the second installment in The Calling of Casey Evand series will be available.  And the answer is, simply, as soon as I hit a target number of sales!  I’m doing well so far, but the wait isn’t easy for me.  The manuscript is ready to be sent off to my editor the moment I hit that sales mark!


As a first-time author, I don’t have the luxury of being able to put out a book the moment I’m ready to do so.  My publisher has invested a lot in me, and I have to prove myself in terms of sales before we can bring you the next book!  So, if you’ve enjoyed the book, tell your friends and family!  Tell your ladies’ ministry leaders and youth groups!  Tell your Pastor and his wife!  Buy more copies to give as gifts!  Request that your local library keep a copy of the book on their shelves.  Mention my title to anyone you know who might be interested in reading it, or in promoting it!  Tell people about my website!  Help me to hit that target sooner rather than later!


As I’ve said, it’s been a fun journey, so far!  And I look forward to continuing the trip with you!


God Bless!!


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